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Permanent Makeup

Do you find cosmetics fiddly and time-consuming, and wish you could jump out of bed with perfect features?

Do you dream about wearing make-up that will stay put – whatever the weather and whatever exercise you are undertaking?

Do you long for a pout as fabulous as Angelina Jolie’s, eyes as beautiful as Bettie Page, or brows as perfect as Cindy Crawford?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then permanent make-up is set to transform your life. It will last for years, won’t wipe off, and you will look beautiful bare-faced from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and whether you are swimming or sunbathing! Permanent make-up gives women all over the world endless possibilities for highlighting their features.

Whatever your desires, after a consultation, your treatment will be tailored to improve and compliment your features and skin tone. Our treatments will instantly boost your self-esteem. Whether you choose to enhance thin, non-existent brows, add a splash of colour to your pout, or to add definition and volume to your lash-line. There is no easier way to instantly update your image, feel better about the way you look, and give your complexion that extra bit of sparkle!


The Consultation Process

Prior to the enhancement procedure you will receive a comprehensive consultation during which you will have the opportunity to discuss the results you wish to achieve and how permanent make-up can enhance your appearance. 
If there is a specific look that you particularly like, you should bring with you magazine pictures indicating that look, as this will help you communicate your preferences to the permanent make-up artist. 
As an expert in the field of colour analysis and makeovers your permanent make-up artist will identify the micro-pigmentation shades that work with your hair, skin and eye colour. She will also analyze your facial shape and features to determine the most complimentary look for your individual requirements. 
Using conventional cosmetics your permanent make-up artist will also create your unique look visually so that you can approve the enhancement before the micro-pigmentation pigments are infused into your skin. This ensures the finished result is exactly what you want.


The Permanent Make Up Procedure

Does it hurt? Before the permanent make-up process begins a topical numbing agent will be applied to your skin to reduce the level of discomfort felt during the procedure.
The infusion process – the pigment infusion process generally takes 40 minutes and is achieved using state of the art computerised micro-pigmentation equipment that meets British and European health and safety requirements. 
Immediately after the infusion process your permanent make-up enhancement will display mild redness and swelling that lasts no longer than 24 hours. The enhancement will also appear a darker shade than the desired result for approximately 1 week.


Follow up sessions

The follow up session usually four weeks later will allow your permanent make-up artist to refine the enhancement paying particular attention to fine detail and the session is included in the initial price. 
The enhancement will gradually fade over a number of years leaving a barely there haze of colour in the skin. Most people opt to refresh their permanent make-up enhancements every 36-48 months in order to refresh their look.

    Permanent Make Up Before & After