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Hi I’m Sonya the owner of Reds. So I was one of those kids, always a pencil or paintbrush in hand constantly drawing, painting sticking. Well, my art has moved on since then, my height not so much!

I got my first tattoo on Daytona Beach Florida when I was maybe 10 years old. It was an old school panther crawling up my calf, OK, it was only airbrushed on but the thought stuck – TATTOOS ARE COOL!

That was it I was hooked. Later I went off and got a degree in art (not that you need it to be a tattoo artist, I just fancied partying for 3 years!) From there I pursued a career tattooing heavily and in 2004 I opened up Red’s Tattoo Parlour. Although petrified of suddenly and for the first time becoming self-employed) and therefore completely self-reliant), I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. And I guess I was right (as I always am according to my husband) as 11 years later I’m still here, just with more awards, a bigger shop and lots of press coverage. I have worked conventions all the way around Europe and the U.K and I even host my own tattoo convention The East Coast Tattoo Expo.

I still wake up everyday looking forward to going in to work (I even miss tattooing when I’m on holiday) and I still draw constantly. I feel blessed to be in such a position, I would like to think that my passion comes across from the minute you walk through the door in to my beautiful studio. I have been told by so many over the years that it’s the friendliest tattoo studio they have ever been in and I am very proud of that.

My team and myself are proud of the studio we have and of the artists we are, we know above all else that you wish to wear your ink with pride and aim to help make that happen from the consultation stage right through to helping you with aftercare.