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Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal appointments by the best in Colchester available daily (including Sundays). Don’t live with regrets laser them away. Whether its to completely remove your tattoo back to bare skin, or lighten your tattoo to make it easier to cover up we can deal with any job big or small. Prices start from ONLY £40 a session!!! What are you waiting for! That tattoo isn’t going anywhere on its own it needs our help! And with our brand new All White laser system its now easier than ever!


How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoos are able to stay in place as the volume of ink in the skin is too high for the body to remove on it’s own. Laser tattoo removal works by breaking your tattoo into smaller pieces which your body’s immune system is then able to deal with and remove. Laser removal is only able to be done once every four weeks to allow the immune system time to remove the pieces.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The honest answer is nobody can tell you that accurately, we would need to be psychics to tell you! Because everyone’s immune systems work differently. We also don’t know what else your immune system may be fighting off throughout the four week period after the laser procedure. The one thing we can promise you is that its not going anywhere on its own and that if you stick with the laser it will eventually be gone.


Will it Hurt and Will it Scar?

Honesty is the best policy! There is a degree of pain involved for some – in the same way that a tattoo can feel differently for different people, the laser removal procedure can be relatively painless for some people and somewhat uncomfortable for others. It’s a hard one to answer, as we are all wonderfully different from each other! As for scarring there is a very very slight risk but your technician can talk you through all the dos and don’ts to help reduce this very slight risk.